Richard Reed

Associate Broker

Pledge to Clients: Treat every investment opportunity as if it were my own. Follow the Golden Rule. Communicate in a timely manner. Strive for continued professionalism, continue to be educated on Real Estate issues.

Professional Experience: New Mexico Realtor 1994 - 2011 - CNE
Sunwest Bank - Contract Pilot

Education: B.A. Economics - University of the Pacific - 1986
Franklin College - Lugano, Switzerland
Shields Aviation - Jacksonville, FL
Ratings: Commercial, Multi, Instrument Pilot 1989 - 1990
Cibola High School - 1977 - 1980

Outside Interests: Sculpting - Stone medium
Flying - Power and Soaring
Playing with son and dogs
Many types of sports
Investing & research of stock market

Personal Information: Live with Austin Reed, age 14 and two Labs, Buddy and Mack